We are living during a period of tremendous change and innovation-driven by technology and cheap computing power in the cloud. Commercial product management has become an essential discipline in the digital world; however, many businesses are still struggling to deliver on the first wave of their digital change agenda. Marc Andreessen famously highlighted the digital opportunity in his essay “Why Software is eating the world”, and if anything, the rate of change is accelerating. Today Digital what? includes Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing and Event Drive Architecture (EDA) to name just a few of the opportunities. The simple fact that we are all walking around with, what would have been considered supercomputers a few years ago, in our pockets, is enabling a totally different world.

Steve Jobs once said, “Computers are like a bicycle for the mind”, yet our smartphones have become a veritable Swiss army knife which we carry around with us. It’s no longer just about “1000 songs in your pocket” but it’s a travel agent, a bank, a pharmacy, an ATM, a payment device, your medical monitor and records, your cash receipts. It’s quite literally anything you can imagine it to be. This is the promise that lies at the heart of most digital change programs.

However, transformation promise and reality are often very different things. Imagination, unchecked by business reality can be a hard lesson to learn. What if most of your business colleges don’t get it or are actively resisting, even trying to sabotage your efforts? Because of a lack of knowledge, or more likely, a lack of incentive alignment across the organisation. What behaviours are you trying to change and how are you communicating to influence internal and external stakeholders? 

We work with senior leaders in organisations to help transform ideas into a behaviour changing reality. This can take many forms:

Creating a compelling narrative that sticks in one’s mind and repositions your organisation, digital product or change program.

Defining a clear purpose, set of objectives and key results for the program of work. 

Turning concepts and ideas into wireframes, product requirements and roadmaps.

Driving product & process performance improvements using Lean and Agile Methods. 

Transforming your B2B marketing department from a messaging and events team into a digital growth engine, enabling B2B4C marketing and measured success using funnel metrics.  

Creation of Go-To-Market Strategy and digital channel optimisation.

Getting digital teams and products back on track, focusing on the value stream and customer-centric needs.

Outsourcing of Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Product Officer or Chief Digital Officer. 

If you scan Google, and you will find reports stating the average change program success is 30%, and digital changes are as low as 26%. We want to help your digital transformation be a success or turn around a failing program. In reality, many good quality digital product leaders and managers feel trapped in product bloating, value-destroying cycles with a focus on “me-too features” that don’t support differentiation or true value creation. When you combine that with spaghetti code and technical debt and too little thought is given to build, buy or partners decisions and you have a perfect storm that lies deep at the heart of many digital transformations.

Curious Cognition is a small boutique consutancy, we work with business that want to drive behavioral change weather it’s your prospects, early adopters, existing customers or employees. Our focus is on supporting executives who want to innovate their product or service and take their revenues to the next level.

Please book some time with me 🙂

Customer Comments

“Jason’s energy and commitment is infectious to both those he leads and others around him”

Steve Elliott

“Jason is very much a change agent, someone with great charisma and passion; who not only inspires confidence in those around him but has a clear vision of the future… Working with Jason is never dull, as he is always pushing the boundaries on how technology can provide an improved user experience…  as well as introducing new decision tools… ‘Business Model Canvas’ he always strives to ensure we understand the customer’s needs”

Andrew Cox

“Jason is extremely strong, equally deep on business, marketing and technical issues. He brings a can-do passion to every aspect of his job and executes ruthlessly”

Mark Corley

“Jason is a tireless champion of innovation…  many successful products and innovations that were created… I found Jason to be an inspiring, enthusiastic, creative, and entirely genuine leader”

Richard Grote

“Jason is a highly skilled individual who excels in a number of areas including product innovation, product marketing, customer relationships and public speaking. In my opinion, his experience would help any company who have a desire to differentiate through product and marketing innovation, especially startups”

Sandra McLeod

    Life is one big adventure, too often we forget that and focus on the mundane and repetitive the safe and the boring. Every month we will try to challenge your thinking and encourage fresh perspectives information is everywhere, but insight and foresight are where the magic happens.
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