The call for sustainability is growing louder every day, and companies are taking notice. With the number of Chief Sustainability Officers in the Fortune 500 reaching 95 in 2020, it’s clear that organizations are taking this matter seriously.

But, did you know that the key to achieving sustainability lies within productivity? Yes, you heard that right. The concept of “doing more with less” is at the core of sustainability and productivity. And the way to achieve this? By embracing an adaptive agile mindset.

At the heart of every sustainability effort is the need to reduce waste. By approaching sustainability with an adaptive agile constraint-based mindset, organizations can deliver sustainability as a low-cost, high-value outcome. The irony is that as teams grow larger than a few individuals, productivity decreases dramatically. This is why the “2 pizza box” approach to agile software teams holds true.

Constraints drive creativity and innovation. Take Steve Jobs’ famous example with the iPod – he dropped it in water and saw air bubbles coming out, which led him to say, “Those are air bubbles. That means there’s space in there. Make it smaller.” The constraint led to a better product. Similarly, constraints in the software development world, like non-functional requirements, often drive better design, marketecture, and architecture choices. The Blue Ocean strategy canvas even encourages looking at what to remove or reduce to create value.

For business leaders to truly leverage this way of thinking, productivity must hold more weight than growth alone. Private equity-backed businesses may not agree, but they do understand the importance of reducing costs and doing more with less.

Transforming organizations and building sustainable products doesn’t have to come at a higher cost to the business or the environment. And every C-suite executive looking to achieve sustainability within their organization should look to organizational agility and a 10x productivity shift to make this happen.

Would you be ready to lead the charge? Keep an eye out for my new book, 10x Productivity Revolution, where I will guide you on your journey to becoming a sustainable productivity hero in your organization.

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