Structure the unstructured, to enable smarter start-ups and unlock 10x productivity.

Every organization large or small and every team know the pain of unstructured content, knowledge workers still work based on the metaphors of the 1970’s files, folders, documents, attachments and printouts. We might have moved them to the cloud we might have email but fundamentally we are still working with documents. They might be in more places and more accessible but fundamentally they still limit the way we work. At one time or another everyone has faced this challenge your about to present at a meeting, THE meeting, but someone has filed the one important document you need under a name you can’t think to search for. It’s the same when someone leaves your organisation and takes the knowledge of ‘how things are done around here’ with them. Despite the plethora of business apps each designed to make our lives easier, ultimately, they all become noise and distraction. Especially when you consider they don’t really change the way we work.

Business software is based on metaphors for the 1970’s documents, files, folders, attachments and carbon copies.

As start-ups change from learning organizations to scaling organizations, their focus shifts from product-market fit to growth. And so needs change; as they undergo rapid growth every new person needs to onboard, get productive and contribute to their department and company’s overall purpose in what is becoming an ever more complex system. Organisation ceases to thrive, document detritus litters the organization, with thousands of attachments and documents scatted across servers, data become increasingly unstructured. Productivity is lost while searching, duplicating, recycling, suffering communication misfires and breakdowns, knowledge gaps, competing internal and external ways of working, misalignment between departments, etc; time gets easily wasted. I’ve written a series of essays on just this aspect of knowledge work.

The average Knowledge worker receives 121 emails a day


“With an annual growth rate of 4.4% forecast over the next four years, it’s estimated that by the end of 2021 over 316 billion emails will be sent each day”

Radicati Group Inc.

So what is the Answer?

BizzBLOX is like Lego™  for business. smart, connected, and measurable interlinking BLOX, that uses AI to talk with each other, and in doing so, creates a system that automatically updates all of its users. When everyone is on the same page, knowledge gaps become a thing of the past.

BizzBLOX supports maximum productivity. By providing the mechanism to answer the fundamental questions of why, who, what, how, and when, in real time, BizzBLOX streamlines delivery and minimises time lost due to misalignment. 

So let’s drill down, starting with the foundations of productivity

Answering the Why:

PurposeBLOX: All work needs a defined purpose. Without one, there is no focus. If your knowledge workers don’t know why they are working on a project, or what endgame needs to be achieved, then the project is doomed to failure. Or at the very least, will waste employees time and not realise its maximum potential. PurposeBLOX ensures that this purpose is captured and understood. In fact when you create your own BLOX you must start with an existing PurposeBLOX or create a new on to act as your foundation. 

Answering the Who:

PeopleBLOX: Act as your identity and link your role, skills and actual work to the rest of the organization. From the smallest cogs on the shop floor, to the clock face in the Board Room, everyone plays a part in the delivery of work. PeopleBLOX ensures that everyone understands their role, and allows for communication to flow between the workers and the work. Connecting people to their work in this way allows for new forms of productivity optimization. 

Answering the What:

MessageBlox: Have you ever played the game of Chinese Whispers? What you think is a clear message at the start, falls apart when passed from person to person. MessageBLOX eliminates localised transmission and reinterpretation of information by centralising communications. When everybody receives the same information, the opportunity for misunderstanding, and therefore loss of productivity, is drastically reduced. Messages are at the heart of effective communication and connecting these BLOX allows for consistency of message that few organizations ever achieve.   

And finally, answering the How:

ProcessBLOX: Define how the work should be done this makes up the final FoundationBLOX from these founational elements you can create your own BLOX for your own business or use BLOX Blueprints to speed up your creation process. 

Want to create a new document? BLOX replace traditional documents with smarter, connected alternative and ProcessBLOX will helps to deliver work constantly formatted, auto titled, and auto filed, and assigned to whoever needs to write, read, edit, review or approve it. 

Want to create a new strategy? ProcessBLOX will ensure that all processes and procedures are communicated and followed throughout your entire team so that everybody works in the same way. But this doesn’t mean ProcessBLOX homogenises the work. Far from it by freeing your team from duplication, reporting, misalignment we allow their creativity and productivity to flourish. And best of all, if someone leaves your organisation, the knowledge of ‘how things are done around here’ remains within the organization.

With these foundations in place you have a BLOX network, connecting in such a way that when one BLOX is updated, all the other BLOX reflect the new information. 

In the future we make magic happen. Through the use of machine learning, we plan to deliver CognitionBLOX these will build on the foundations to create intelligent connectivity across your organization. This will enable better decision-making across the organization empowering business leaders to make better-informed decision will more of the insights at their fingertips.