Most projects consist of some degree of change and for business looking to explore a more Agile approach to change management, we would recommend the use of the Agile change canvas. A version of the business model canvas but focused on change – it applies much of the same thinking form lean startup process and applies it to change. Because change is unpredictable and requires you to learn and course correct as you go its a good fit. Because not unlike a startup going through the build-measure-learn process to build validated learning.

The approach is based on Kotters change lifecycle which is well established

  1. Establish a sense of urgency
  2. Create a guiding coalition
  3. Build a vision and strategic initiatives
  4. Communicate for buy-in recruit believers   
  5. Empower actions,  remove barriers
  6. Create  Short-Term Wins
  7. Don’t Let up, Sustain & Accelerate
  8. Make the chance Stick

But supplements it with concepts like Minimal viable change (MVC), it reorganises that change champions need to establish early wins quickly to deliver momentum and build Advocacy in the process. Most people forget that before you see a performance increase there is usually a dip in performance try and drive too much change at once and well in short performance will not just drop off a cliff!! Getting your colleges and leadership team aligned around what changes are required and having visibility of progress towards the goal is an important consideration. Finally, the change canvas approach is better aligned to continuous improvement mindset where you improve on what is already in place rather than wholesale change for change’s sake.    

The concept of the Lean change method can be found in the following book The Lean Change Method: Managing Agile Organizational Transformation Using Kanban, Kotter, and Lean Startup Thinking by Jeff Anderson