Do you need someone independent to help assess your new or existing teams skills, identify gaps and coach them to better performance or make recommendations for how the team structure might change to optimise their performance or the products they manage? How do you ensure your new team is performing today what measures do you use? Alternatively, does an existing team have the skills you think they have? Are they playing at the top of their game?

Are they using the latest approaches to build, measure, learn and craft meaningful experiments to validate your most critical assumptions and overcome your risks? Are you applying the best of pragmatic product management where do you have skills gaps? We can help you coach better outcomes and drive a high-performance product culture. We can help you optimise your team structure using concepts like a unit of production where cross function teams of product, design, software engineering, quality come together to define a better working process using Kanban and taking the best of Lean, Agile and Design Thinking. Our approach to mentoring follows the growth model outlined below and can be done face to face or remotely through video conference for a more cost-effective solution.


  • Goal: State what do you both want to achieve
  • Reality: Frame the reality, so both parties understand
  • Options: Present options and encourage
  • Way Forward: Agree and explicitly state a way forward.
  • Tactics: What alternative approaches might work
  • Habits: It takes 21 days for habits to form so learn behaviour

This approach has proven to be successful and most importantly through the formation of habits helps to establish better ways of working and helps to drive cultural change. So critical in delivery real long-term change and value.