In December 2018, Jason started his next chapter as a founder of his own enterprise, putting in place much of the experience and values he holds dear. For Jason who has worked for several blue-chip companies and start-ups (he established Travelport Labs – Accelerator), this is a dream come true, building his own business is something he has flirted with for several years but lacked the courage to make happen. He believes in experimentation, agile, visualising work, growth hacking, lean start-up and trying new tools to optimise and measure business performance.

Jason started work at Travelport in 2009, as Director of Commerce Portfolio, responsible for all Travelport’s Point of Sale (PoS) applications including desktop applications & API’s. In December 2010, Jason role was expanded to lead Travelport Labs while maintaining overall responsibility for the PoS portfolio, during 2015 – 17, Jason went on to lead, the global marketing and Incubation teams. In January 2017, he took on a newly created role of product evangelist/chief storyteller crafting compelling product narratives and rolling out a modern, relevant story for a legacy 40-year-old business.

Twenty-five years’ experience across different industries, automotive, finance, technology & travel – which has taken Jason to the USA and, where he worked for a .com boom survivor Powerway Inc. for a couple of years. Jason strongly believes that product managers are subject to the curse of knowledge and as such changing industries can be an enormous advantage because as all good product managers know your opinion although interesting is irrelevant.  He has worked at some of the leading blue-chip organisations such as Sony, Barclays Bank, as well as Microsoft. A career highlight at Microsoft, as a spokesperson for Dynamics CRM, where Jason presented to the UK’s Institute of Directors with Bill Gates with over 500 attendees. Since that time, he has performed at Technology for Marketing, Institute of Sales & Marketing Management seminars, Microsoft’s EMEA and USA Convergence and Worldwide Partner Conferences as well as many of Travelport’s events around the world.

Jason is a coach and mentor, who is a passionate speaker whose coaching style is about making the audience feel like the hero of their own story. He can talk at length about, the value of storytelling, the future of travel, in addition to stories to share on product management, marketing, business culture & business ego, he shares pearls of wisdom that will challenge, yet give the audience a feeling of empowerment. If you’re interested in having Jason Speak at an event please email me at   

Finally, if you follow Simon Sinek, you will be familiar with the concept of start with why for a company or an individual as part of his journey of discovery he found his “why” and has defined it as

“To persevere, ignite curiosity and passion in people so that together we can grow and build a better world.”

IBM Watson's view of Jason Nash
IBM Watsons view of Jason Nash from social media reviews up to Ocober 2018