“Jason’s energy and commitment is infectious to both those he leads and others around him”

Steve Elliott

“Jason is extremely strong, equally deep on business, marketing and technical issues. He brings a can-do passion to every aspect of his job and executes ruthlessly”

Mark Corley

“Jason is a highly skilled individual who excels in a number of areas including product innovation, product marketing, customer relationships and public speaking. In my opinion, his experience would help any company who have a desire to differentiate through product and marketing innovation, especially startups”

Sandra McLeod

“Jason is a tireless champion of innovation…  many successful products and innovations that were created… I found Jason to be an inspiring, enthusiastic, creative, and entirely genuine leader”

Richard Grote

“Jason is very much a change agent, someone with great charisma and passion; who not only inspires confidence in those around him but has a clear vision of the future… Working with Jason is never dull, as he is always pushing the boundaries on how technology can provide an improved user experience…  as well as introducing new decision tools… ‘Business Model Canvas’ he always strives to ensure we understand the customer’s needs”

Andrew Cox

“Jason is a high energy self-motivated individual who is driven to succeed and will move heaven and earth to get there! He is commercially focused with great insight and experience. I would hire him again without a moment’s hesitation.”

Neal Sunners